The name was derived from ‘Stokvel’, a term which originated in the 19th century when English settlers in South Africa held “stock fairs”. These were auctions for cattle and other livestock where farmers and labourers would gather and pool money together to make purchases. Today, Stokvels are still common in South Africa but have evolved as clubs where members would contribute money to a common pool. This money would then get used depending on the club’s purpose, such as investments or buying groceries. So our term, a SocVel, can thus be a place where cyber defenders come together to pool their knowledge.


So what is SocVel?

It is currently the home of two things:

  1. A Weekly Cybersecurity Quiz called The SocVel Cybersecurity Quiz.
  2. SocVel Blue Team DFIR CTF Challenges.


SocVel Cybersecurity Quiz

The weekly quiz covers 10 questions from interesting cybersecurity events that occurred in the past week. Whether that is a new critical vulnerability, a notable breach or interesting research into a Threat Actor’s activities.

No frills, no fuss, just 10 questions to test if you are on top of your game.

Head over to to play.


SocVel Blue Team DFIR CTF Challenges

The CTF challenges are aimed at those wanting to sharpen their skills in investigating cyber security incidents.

The challenges require you to investigate and solve cyber incidents based on semi-realistic backstories. Whether you are a DFIR or SOC analyst, Detection Engineer, a bloody Red-Teamer or just someone wanting to gain some experience and have a little bit of fun, there is something for you.
The challenges will typically involve the analysis of a triage data pack relating to a compromised host. Where possible, the challenges will be built in such a way that they can be solved without the need for proprietary forensic tooling, making them accessible to most.

The majority of questions will have hints available, which should assist those not so familiar with the field in solving the challenges. Finally, the aim of SocVel is not be first in completing the challenge (although there are some bragging rights), but rather to give as many correct answers the first time round. To encourage this, wrong answers will be automatically penalised.

Ready? Click on one of the live challenges to get going!


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