Live SocVel Challenges!


[Date: MAR 2021]
This is a disaster! The plant controller host at the Strikdaspoort Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pretoria was compromised, allowing attackerse to switch the entire plant into backwash mode. Can you solve what happened?


[Date: MAY 2021]
Professor Jan Vogel has spent the last 6 months developing an early detection system for the Novid Virus. But, one week before the public launch of the Metaalbekkanarie, the confidential research which was set to make the South African government Billions of Randelas was published on Github by attackers. How could this have happened?


[Date: AUG 2021]
Gerhadus Stephanos was about to switch on the computer that manages one of the largest model train ecosystems in the Southern Hemisphere. Just before he could, IT came running in. An apparent Ransomware incident at the company had forced them to shut down all systems. Can you help solve what happened? Gerhardus really needs them model trains up and running again...